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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 12, 2024 9:00am-10:00am PST

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this is "outnumbered," i'm kayleigh mcenany here with my co-host harris faulkner, lisa boothe, hudson institute's rebecca heinrichs and undersecretary of the army and former democratic congressman from pennsylvania, patrick murphy. we begin with this, serious concerns over president biden's age. democrats and biden are trying to turn the page after a bombshell special counsel report that describe biden as an elderly man with a bad memory. staggering poll found 86% of americans think president biden is too old for another term. that is highest number in any poll about the president's age and self-described democrats agree with the assessment and
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"new york times" pointing out, mr. biden's performance at his news conference raised more questions, didn't work, he must do better. stakes in this presidential election are too high for mr. biden to skate through with teleprompters against an unfit opponent that has a chance fo to retake the presidencies. pressure growing for the release of robert hur's findings. >> there are transcripts. >> do you favor releasing them? >> it's a classified document. >> do you recommend these be made public if they back up your personal record? >> there is a special underway,
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i have to defer to those who have to work through the issues. >> kayleigh: he does not want that transcript out and doesn't seem biden is taking it seriously. >> president biden: i didn't realize it, i know i don't look like it, i've been around a while. i do remember that. [cheering] >> kayleigh: wow. interesting, harris, on the back of a poll, 86% of voters say he is too old and someone telling politico, we have to remind people this is a maga guy, that is what they said about the prosecutor. it is like losing the super bowl by 30 and you blame the ref. >> harris: well, that can
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happen. it did not happen last night. we've known this a long time. nate comb noted time sienna poll had 90% of voters agreeing that mr. biden is too old to be an effective president. my question, why can't they fix it? facts are so stubborn, they call that poll or opinion. they have been around for so long. we have seen right after the afghanistan withdrawal numbers tank in terms of how he does his job. the reason people are looking at age have to do with frailty, fragility issue his falls, the way he walks, things that make him look gentle and fragile and in trouble.
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we're not all doctors, we don't know. i hope people around them would address it faster than a year. >> kayleigh: patrick, i'm coming to you, because i'm interested about strategy here. katie rogers wrote a piece about how the white house has wrapped president biden in a political cocoon and democrats are saying, you have to get him out there, or less likely people will obsess over his slip-ups, is the answer more or less of the president? >> more. he connects with people. he stumbles. this is it. he was elected at age 77 and he will be the oldest president and he and donald trump went to high school at the same time. they are both old.
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the poll says both candidates -- >> kayleigh: 86% questioning trump does not exist. >> i'm glad he's there and joking about it. he did a birthday thing saying it is my 114th birthday. humor is okay. i will say you worked in the white house and know that was bad staff work. dealing with crisis of october 7, sit down with special counsel. that was bad staff work. i'm not blaming the staff -- >> harris: no, but he did, watch the speech. patrick mahomes people are blaming blaming special counsel. >> harris: his birthday is the same as my father, 77 and biden is 81. biden said he would run one term, what happened?
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>> patrick, if they hide him in the basement, he is too old, if you put him out there, he is too old. they are between a rock and a hard place. shouldn't he stand trial? the special counsel found that he willfully mishandled classified information and did so since the 1970s and '80s. he mishandled classified documents so much so he told his ghost writer, i have classified documents, i don't feel like handing it over, debunking democrats obstruction of justice. >> kayleigh: they act like this is a one-off, if it is, he did a bad interview with the special counsel. he forgot things.
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this is repeated. he said he talked to two dead leaders last week >> patrick: he misspoke. >> kayleigh: no, mental acuity lapse. >> patrick: not disagreeing, he has to do better. >> lisa: what if he can't do better. >> harris: democrats are telling us, what has a doctor told you? experts that have sat in your seat, doc siegel, how can you fix him and why hasn't the white house fixed him? >> patrick: eight months, it will be a battle with him and donald trump. >> lisa: we have watched president biden get in front of the camera and have gaffe after gaffe.
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it is not a one-off, it is times we need the president to get leader of countries correct and demonstrate he's wrong and has a steady helm. do you think our allies are confident or our adversaries are afraid? it is mental acuity, yes. >> patrick: donald trump in this election said nine times he's gone against barack obama. >> kayleigh: he's intimating barack obama is behind what biden is doing. to say they are on the same level, i have an ocean to sell you. >> patrick: all i'm saying when donald trump goes off teleprompter, he does not things not all with it. this weekend he attack nikki
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haley's husband. >> kayleigh: that has nothing to do with -- >> patrick: lack of political judgement. >> lisa: you are a veteran, i assume you have a problem with biden's mishandling of biden's classified documents handling. i am sure you believe that behind the scenes, i have to imagine. we know what is going on here. that issue, fact joe biden did this so long is getting overshadowed and that man should be prosecuted. >> patrick: i believe in rule of law, this is not apples to oranges, this is apples to dump trucks. totally with doj versus what donald trump did. >> 1970. >> kayleigh: more to come. come on. more to come, patrick, thanks
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>> harris: in a secure room trump's team are facing questions on defense strategy. dana marie mcnichol has details on this. >> harris, this is not an aerdnary federal hearing, it involves classified documents. this criminal case will be handled completely differently. we saw trump's motor kayden hern
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arrive and the sealed hearing is taking place in a special room that can handle classified documents, or a skiff. it was built for fort pierce courtroom. in trump's case, some documents seized from mar-a-lago were marked top secret and considered classified documents hence the need for security. trump's co-defendants are not there today. they are talking with judge cannon about how to keep classified documents classified throughout the case. this afternoon a session with the special counsel talking about the classified documents. this case is scheduled for may
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of this year, we expect the judge to push that to a later date. >> harris: thank you for the detail. good to have you on "outnumbered." thank you. let's talk about the difference in the cases. can we? >> kayleigh: can we? that is the thing, the average american looks at this case and see hillary clinton, hammered her devices and joe biden quoting from the report, after learning of the special counsel appointment in this matter mr. biden ghost writer deleted discussions he had with mr. biden that had significant evident iary value. average american sees that and sees hillary clinton and wonders what the difference is and feels there is a two-tiered justice system. >> harris: can i double down,
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there is a day right before the election in 2022. we were starting to find out about the upenn-biden document scandal. it was quite time before we knew they were classified documents and had been turned over to the archival system. they came across another treasure trove in december. it took four months to tell us what was going on with the documents. we don't know how expeditious the turning over were. >> kayleigh: five pages had hcso material, human source material that could jeopardize human source. treat classified documents with dignity and respect it deserves. >> harris: we have men and women
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in the military and cia and other intelligence arms of government all over the world, if there are people part of our democracy protection and was in biden's garage. the boxes were worn away and some had to do with afghanistan. >> rebecca: it is shocking to hear of him treating documents recklessly. national secrets can jeopardize men and women in uniform or working on behalf of this country. same for president trump's situation, classified documents information musting kept close held. the nature of what the documents were in the case of president biden, they were hand-written
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entries with issues of national security and foreign policy straight from the report and about afghanistan, the crisis that happened on president biden's watch. he is determined we do not hold people accountable. >> lisa: joe biden's whole approach is things might be bad, but the other guy is worse. a lot of americans are asking, well, is he? you mishandled classified documents. how is donald trump the threat to democracy, when you look at president has ultimate authority, a vice president sure doesn't. this negates that level of attack and adds fuel to donald trump saying this is a witch hunt. >> harris: get back to what
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rebecca was talking about with afghanistan. you saw polling tank and he's never come back. we don't know if there are things in documents he had in his garage parked next to the corvette about afghanistan that had anything to do with tainting his decision-making on that withdrawal from afghanistan. he was not listening to reports. >> patrick: democrat or republican, should believe in rule of law and play out with independent neutral person. i look at both sides and rebecca mentioned both sides have not done the right thing. president biden and vice president pence were clear in opening up everything. i'm talking about pence and
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biden, unlike trump, you had to get a subpoena for him to comply. >> lisa: that is not true, though. he's had the documents and told his ghost writer, he had classified documents, he didn't want to turn it over. that is not a factually true statement. >> harris: he's had rotating staff. when he blames his staff for mishandling documents, huge head scratcher, which staff, who, where? can you remember? >> lisa: your staff is senate, and -- >> kayleigh: day one promise from biden, you get fired day one if you blame others. >> harris: dhs secretary mayorkas admits border issue is a crisis, but biden administration has no blame in
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>> harris: we are learning new details on the shooting at joel osteen's church after a woman opened fire. she was killed at the scene, a child krith cal lee /* /* -- was critically injured. the shooter identifies as a woman. m moreno was born a man and has a lengthy schedule. it happened at lakewood church.
9:28 am
in cell phone video, you will hear six shots, a pause and off-duty officers returned fire and killed her. roll that sound. [shots fired] [shots fired] >> what the -- >> witnesses say moreno was accompanied by a five year old. she got off five shots before officers killed her. >> all the gunshots coming in and i stayed in, they were shooting and came in, i stayed hidden down all the way until security came.
9:29 am
>> texas dps shows six arrests including assault of police officer, marijuana, forgery of a weapon. she claimed to have a bomb, police did not find one. police offered no motive. the child is in critical condition. a man was shot and is recovering. a briefing is scheduled this afternoon 2:30 eastern. >> harris: fox will cover that and our prayers with the little ones. thank you. let's focus on the biden border crisis. homeland security security secretary mayorkas gave a stunning defense of himself, of course impeach mment out for hi and defended the biden
9:30 am
administration. >> no doubt there is gridlock on congress, do you bear responsibility for what is happening at the border, the president has called it a crisis. >> it is a crisis and we don't bear responsibility, we are doing tremendous amount. congress is the only one who can fix it. >> harris: he used the word impeachment. chairman mike mccaul said they will pas that in the house when steve scalise starts voting again. biden administration refuses to take responsibility, sanctuary cities are footing the bill and denver is cutting million in illegals there.o pay for denver's democratic mayor explained it this way. >> we will start to green light budget reductions to meet the
9:31 am
cost. this is a plan for shared sacrifice to try to manage the values. >> harris: what does that mean? >> i don't know. >> harris: everybody will have to live differently because of people who crossed our border illegally. >> rebecca: this administration could go back to the policy of the trump administration and get control thchl is a decision this administration has made. republicans passed hr-2 last summer and those are systemic changes we need to address the problems mayorkas is talking about. they passed it and republicans in the senate agreed and democrats opposed it. the administration won't do what is necessary and they are saying
9:32 am
republicans will not pass this national security bill for taiwan, ukraine and israel, it is because they want the border closed. why won't they close the border? it is so important to keep this border open. >> harris: can i talk real stuff? why would mcconnell do a deal that did not include bringing up hr 2 in a substantive manner and the senatorial fight began. their version on the left side and hr 2. why not do that? why not fight harder? >> lisa: he's been in politics too long and the world and republican party looks different and you see republican senators
9:33 am
being verbal and calling for him to resign. rick scott opposed him and ran against him. democrats are doing a big gamble thinking americans are okay with sacrificing their quality of life for illegals who broke the law to come here. having to divert five million on the heels of 25 million last month is a big gamble. republicans have called out hypocrisy, we saw that in martha's vineyard. they were allowed to be there for 48 hours. and shipped them to a military base. i think they will lose this one. i don't think americans are willing to sacrifice their quality of life and they are showing anger. >> rebecca: i would say because the democrats will not do what is necessary to close the border
9:34 am
and senator rand paul voted against hr 2 and now is complaining. because this president has been so weak, republicans have to step in and pass national security sup elemental, it increases industrial base, increase mu nittions. >> i think ukraine has enough money. >> kayleigh: maybe patrick has an answer to this, i'm stunned by the sound bite you played of mayorkas saying only congress can fix this. nbc came out with a report saying biden administration has been working on a plan to act on the border issue, plan b and described as something they have to do to close the border, why aren't they doing it? progressives, you will lose progressives, if you act on the
9:35 am
border. >> we the people are pissed off about this. lankford worked hard with chris murphy and you have homeland security secretary who says it is not our responsibility. it is an honor to serve our country, honor and privilege and in the army, lead, follow or get out of the way and they are not leading. it is denver. we had a bus come from texas. 29 people on it, 76 bus and bring to the woman center. this is not for states or cityings to do. both parties better wake up and take action. >> harris: why don't you call for that action for president biden? he could flip the switch on matters that immediately address the situation. we need to shut it to catch up
9:36 am
on the 8 million we can't fully vet. >> patrick: unlike house bill two, which was not bipartisan, this was a compromised bill -- >> harris: that is fine and good, you know how slow congress works. your pancakes will be cold by the time the syrup is ready. why not pres pressure the presi. you served in congress -- >> >> patrick: i will say this, i will say it is clear that everyone in dhs and american people catch and release is not an option and not worked, you can't catch him on the border, let it go and get a hearing. we have to do more work. >> harris: true. if he takes that meeting, please let us know. president biden's campaign wants
9:37 am
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>> kayleigh: president biden's reelection campaign is trying to win over young voters and they are putting him on tiktok. biden campaign posted this. >> chiefs or niners. >> president biden: two great questions, if i didn't say i was going for the eagles. >> game or half-time show? >> game. >> travis kelce or jason kelce? >> mom kelce. she makes great cookies. >> trump or biden?
9:42 am
>> are you kidding? >> b >>! >> kayleigh: why is biden doing this? tiktok for me, not for thee. >> patrick: you got to meet people where they are. i've been on harris's show and been here with you, tiktok is china's trojan horse to get our intel. i'm glad biden administration has talked about it. this campaign is separate. i would say, you have to do it, you can't bring a knife to a gun fight. vivek was on tiktok and other republicans, it is a smart move, but i don't trust tiktok.
9:43 am
i don't like they are on it. >> harris: how old are they? >> 14 and 17. >> harris: same as mine. they do it even though you told them not to? >> patrick: yes. >> kayleigh: "washington post," inside democrats attempt to woo tiktok users, president biden spent time with tiktok followers, brought to washington in hopes to turn out voters november and it worked. >> lisa: they titled it lol. it does not negate the fact you are 81. he has a problem right now with young voters. there is polling showed
9:44 am
previously and polls validating the fact trump has been up. they are on tiktok. i am at the point, tiktok is chinese owned and they are spying on us. that is where voters are, maybe republicans need to get on there. >> patrick: i will not advise that. >> kayleigh: republicans need to be aware, this will be flooding the zone on tiktok. >> president biden: quick reminder, vote, go to i will, to find out how and where. >> i'm hillary biden, i'm going to vote with my pop. we're on our way. are you excited, pop? >> i'm excited to be voting with you. what are you doing under my
9:45 am
desk? >> under my desk is the thing. >> you can stay for now, when it comes time to vote, get up, you have climate change, legislation and if we can elect more pro-choice members of congress, reconstitute roe v. wade as law of the land. >> we were told they would be back in charge and this is what we see, this unseriousness. we had china on their heels and now this administration is welcoming in chinese spy balloon in your phone for every american. the fact tiktok spews pro-china narrative, that is why you have a pro-hamas problem on democratic party. i don't think republicans should go that way.
9:46 am
>> harris: i'm the parent of teenagers, i have to know what is on the platform and what it is about. i was digging in this weekend, i wanted to know whether republicans should have messaging. i do agree, campaigns are different from staff and white house, you are talking about singular people, it is still joe biden. as i dig, i'll have new information but right now my teenagers listen to me and i want to know what is on the platform. >> patrick: i asked my daughter, 17, junior in high school, about israel, gaza, hamas, her classmates are like, israel -- i am like, you don't believe that, right? yeah, i try to educate them. >> kayleigh: operation make joe
9:47 am
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>> the white house briefing today and what is biden's plan to get nations to pay their share. and four in five americans think biden is too old for another term. and nikki haley, can she lead her home state and fani willis case hits this week and more information on the person who opened fire in joel osteen's church yesterday. join us at the top of the hour. >> harris: the couch wants me to let it out, go, chiefs kingdom. kansas city chiefs are champs again. second year in a row, third time
9:52 am
in five years. trike threw the game-winning touchdown pass in overtime, leading the chiefs to victory over the 49ers. so amazing. brock purdy was great. it is patrick mahomes's third super bowl title. here is what he had to say. give god the glory, he challenged us to make us better. i'm proud of the guys, we're not done. we'll celebrate tonight. we are not done, we'll keep going. >> harris: god challenged us to make us better. >> kayleigh: congratulations, what a powerful message, i want to give the mess knowledge to
9:53 am
god. and brock purdy, a strong man of faith. good headlines out of last night and harris faulkner gets another super bowl win. >> harris: you would have thought taylor swift was playing, a lot of pictures of her. there they are. that was not in the game, after the game. what i like about what patrick mahomes is saying, we all come across struggles and failures and he had said their season was a microcosm of last night and they struggled. >> patrick: on christmas day they lost at home, they were -- people were writing them off temperature is adversity. i was watching espn and he
9:54 am
thanked god in that interview, too, very genuine. brock purdy said, i have to do better. >> i love both qb's and i love talking to them about my kids, gave god the glory. really powerful, good, wholesome game, started with reba mcentire. >> harris: and i loved post malone. >> lisa: i might be changing it a little bit. >> lisa: from beer chugging to cool, everyone can do it, taylor swift, to traffic kelce knocking his coach over with his chest in rage. taylor swift, you should break up with him, he has issues. i find them inseparable.
9:55 am
>> harris: we are girlfriends at lunch. >> lisa: i'm so happy for you. >> harris: but you are right, she is chugging beer and slamming it down, i did question whashg do we know about this 34-year-old woman and does realize how young her oaudience is. >> lisa: you are so cool. sharia she is bringing eyeballs to the game. >> kayleigh: i think she will get engaged. >> harris: oh, you do? more "outnumbered" in just a minute. welcome to ameriprise. i'm sam morrison. my brother max recommended you. so, my best friend sophie says you've been a huge help. at ameriprise financial, more than 9 out
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of live events this afternoon, including these three. we will be monitoring them, covering them here on the fox news channel. moments away from the white house briefing with press secretary karine jean-pierre and john kirby who just got a promotion, by the way, she will incur questions on the ex employees sieve robert hur report, more on that. and 2:30 p.m. eastern time, the pentagon will hold its own press briefing with defense secretary lloyd austin back in the hospital on the cusp of a trip, and a shooting at joel osteen's mega church. >> promoting clean energy and industries in the future, made in america, what i didn't realize, and i've been around i know it don't look like it, i've been around a while, i do remember that. [laughter] [cheering]


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